My interest in massage therapy started a few years back when I was thinking about the way people communicate without words. As more of an introvert, I notice subtle things about people more than spoken words. This interest in physical communication led me to the even more powerful forms of healing and energy that flow between all humans, and has kept me fascinated with this field. Juggling school, work and moving to and from the East Coast has kept me in the massage program for a long time - but I am super excited to announce that I have finally graduated the program as of the end of 2018! I vividly remembered Erin from an insurance presentation she gave in one of our massage classes, and I was delighted when a position opened up at Liberated Spirit. I had been wanting to transition into something that was closer to the field that I love and am excited to be in this environment with knowledgeable people around me. Plus I get to hang out with Karma, our resident office therapy dog, which is SO EXCITING. I am happily filling all of my time with my many jobs, playing with my kitties and eating lots of good food while waiting for the sun to shine throughout this new transition into a therapeutic atmosphere and summer time.