We take great pride in taking care of our patients, but we can only do this through the health and vitality of our employees. In the world of alternative medicine, our bodies are our tools and our happiness shines through our treatments. Even for administrative positions, our wellness creates an environment for others to experience the same. If we are going to facilitate and teach others to play an active role in their health, we need to set a good example and practice what we preach. At Liberated Spirit, we invite employees who take care of themselves, utilize our services, take time off when they need to rest and live the life we encourage for our clients. If you want to lead by example, and exude your amazing self and presence in our office, please apply below. We would love to have you on our team!

Current Openings: None

Job Descriptions

Apply Via Email

If you find a position that you are interested in and qualified for, you can send a cover letter and resume to info@liberatedspirit.com If this is your first time applying at Liberated Spirit, your information will be collected, and our hiring manager will respond to your message within two business days. If you are a returning applicant who would like to apply for an open position, type “Returning Applicant” in the subject line of your email.

We Contact You

After you have successfully applied for an open position, the Liberated Spirit hiring manager will send you an email notification, advising you as to whether we will move forward with the hiring process.

How We Interview

Depending on the position, the hiring manager for the position will keep you informed regarding the status of your application. You may be asked to interview via phone and/or in person. We look forward to reviewing your application and wish you the best in your job search.


  • Paid time off for ALL employees

  • Retirement plan with company match

  • Discounted health insurance

  • Discounted parking permits for downtown Eugene

  • Discounted monthly treatments for you/friends/family

    *Benefit eligibility varies according to employment status - full time or part time.