Brigitte Kranabitl, LMT

I was living and working in Austria for a geophysics company when I discovered that a deeper part of me was not getting fulfilled in my work in admin and translation. Luckily, a friend introduced me to bodywork and deeper subtle-bodywork with a weekend Reiki training and then a crystal healing workshop at a retreat center perched on a mountain plateau in the Alps. A still, silent part of me awakened and smiled and I knew that healing work was what I was really called to do. So I began my own healing journey which led me to Heartwood Institute in the Redwood forests of Northern California. The day I arrived, a Trager bodywork workshop was going on and I was lucky enough to become one of the treatment models. And as it is all a giving and receiving, the phrase “healer heal thyself” comes to mind. The ability to heal and transform with a hands-on approach became real to me. Consciousness and the emotional intelligence of the brain itself resides in the body and is experienced through the limbic system.

I feel that a lot of my abilities in bodywork and integrative bodywork come from an ability to hold the shattered, broken and disconnected places with empathy and understanding. My work is definitely strong, yet at the same time kind. More often my sessions are about making deeper structural changes, yet I also value calming and balancing sessions and also, helping to get clarity and relief from the emotional content behind acute and chronic pain in the body.

Early on I worked in spas in Calistoga and Sonoma, CA and then returned to Europe and worked in spas in Bavaria and Austria. I wanted to get my hands on as many bodies as I could and learn as much as I could about all the unique and common ways we experience being in a body.  I then came back stateside where I discovered and fell in love with Breitenbush Hot Springs. I was lucky enough to get to practice massage, teach yoga and EDGU (moving meditation) and lead meditation classes there for 3 years.

I had a successful massage practice in Portland from 2000-2018 which includes 12 years at the Wellness Center of NIKE World Headquarters. I still see clients in Portland once a month.  

I became a certified yoga instructor CYT in 2008. I love the simplicity of how even the simplest  yoga practice can offer the most profound benefits not only in flexibility but also feelings of well-being and connection to self. I am happy to help complement our sessions with some guidance around beneficial poses for you to do.

I have been incorporating my two-year training in META - Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches. When emotional content is touched upon in the body I am able to help lead a person to better understanding the patterns and storylines in the body through mindfulness, immersion in the felt sense and dialogue.

In the meantime, I am so happy to be settling into life here in Eugene. There are so many things I enjoy doing. I’m an avid walker, I swim laps and make time for my yoga practice. I can also be found chilling on my new sofa with a good book or knitting project and the marvels of streaming tv. I love to cook and I also want to get back into dancing… 

  • Heartwood Institute, Garberville, CA - 750 hr certification in massage program 

  • Biodynamic Massage and Cranial Trainings and Continuing Ed - over 300 hrs

  • Dr. Vodder Lymph Massage Training and Certification - 160 hrs

  • Trager Bodywork Training and Certification - 80 hrs

  • Soma Structural Integration Certification - 300 hrs

  • BA from University of Minnesota in Intercultural Communication

  • Comprehensive 2 year Training and ongoing training in META                                          Mindful-Experiential-Therapy Approaches (Hakomi)