Sara Sherman, LMT

I discovered both acupuncture and massage therapy during a painful and difficult pregnancy. The massage was through a gift certificate, and at that point I thought the benefits of massage were only experienced during the session. I was surprised to find that later that day after my massage, my back didn’t hurt when I reached to put on my seat belt! This sparked my interest in bodywork and the world of alternative healing, but first I needed to survive the constant nausea and rapid weight loss from my pregnancy complication (hyperemesis gravidarum). I heard that acupuncture could help, but I was reluctant to try it because I was uncomfortable around needles and  knew very little about it. I'm still surprised to this day at how well it worked. Without fail, the nausea subsided and I was able eat food and drink water for a few hours after each acupuncture session. I began gaining weight again and went on to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

A few years later, I obtained my massage license through Lane Community College's Massage Therapy program, and began practicing massage therapy at a gym, spa, and then private practice. I was delighted when a mutual friend introduced me to Dr. Erin and I was able to also fulfill her need for a receptionist. I am excited about this opportunity to learn from Dr. Erin and to help service the community through alternative medicine.

While I am not assisting with Liberated Spirit patients, I enjoy hiking (or “adventuring” as my daughter calls it), listening to audio books, training for my next triathlon, and early morning chats over tea with my son. My passion is caring for people through alternative medicine, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Liberated Spirit team.