Reiki is a form of energy healing known to address problems that are beyond our physical body. Have you ever had upper back tension or tight hips that would not go away regardless of how much you stretch or receive massage? What about anxiety or irritability that seem to come from nowhere? Sometimes we experience so much stress that it is stored outside of the physical body in an area referred to as the “aura”, which extends several feet away from the physical body. The aura is the detectable biomagnetic energy field that surrounds our physical form. This stress manifests in the physical body, for example, as depression or back pain, but we must treat the source of the problem - in the aura - to resolve it.

Reiki is gentle technique using “lay on hands” to manipulate the chakras, which are access points to the aura. Reiki can be used to treat either physical or emotional problems, but it is particularly effective for conditions where the patient is easily overwhelmed or feels like they are under attack during other forms of treatment.