Erin has helped me so much for the past year. Emotionally and physically, I continue to feel so much better after each appointment. I go monthly, and wish I could go even more.
— Erica B.
I had THE most heavenly massage with Brigitte yesterday. She is pure magic. If the idea and the feeling of being held in a sacred womb sounds appealing, then this is the place to experience that. I have had many, many massages and this one was by far the best - physically and energetically. Magic... seriously.
— Jillian F.
Great every time, the only place I’ve gone where she can completely read your body and know exactly how to fix it!
— Ross S.
I have been wanting to try acupuncture for a number of years now but never pursued trying to find an Acupuncturist because - I Don’t Like Needles!
A friend recommended Dr. Erin so I figured it was time to put aside my fears and give it a try. Dr. Erin’s office is professional yet inviting and relaxing from the moment you walk in the door. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to experience it firsthand. Dr. Erin’s intake process is thorough and I immediately had confidence that she knew what she was doing and would take good care of me. After she determined what type of treatment would be best for the conditions I was dealing with, she spent time explaining what she was planning to do and how it would help me.
The needles didn’t hurt at all and the whole experience was extremely relaxing. I really just wanted to stay on the warm, cozy treatment table and continue napping when it was over, unfortunately there were other patients waiting. Afterwards I felt rested and renewed and ready to tackle my day.
Acupuncture can address a host of health issues. Check out Dr. Erin’s website for a comprehensive list and schedule your appointment today. You won’t be disappointed!!
— Ann S., October 5, 2018
I had my second appointment with Dr. Ward at Liberated Spirit yesterday. Both of the sessions were extremely restorative and relaxing! Dr. Ward has created a truly wonderful space for healing. The results were immediate, and I had an amazing night of sleep last night! I am grateful to have found Liberated Spirit. It is the perfect mix between a spa and health clinic. Thank you!
— Jared A, September 2018
Dr Erin was amazing I had a consult before actual treatment and I felt she zeroed in on my issue easily and effectively. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Carolyn B., August 24, 2018
Dr. Erin is the best! I suffer from chronic pain in my neck and lower back, due in the past to fibromyalgia. I have had many massages, but none so comprehensive as by Erin. Not only does she provide a wonderful massage, she also has a doctorate in acupuncture. Highly recommend! -
— Connie O., August 23, 2018
Erin was such a great help and so accommodating with scheduling and making sure I got exactly what I needed even if it was someone to talk to that day :) Not only is she a pro at what she does and extremely thorough, she’s also an amazing soul. You know she is determined to make you feel your best in the first minutes of meeting. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her care and support.
— Karly S., July 9, 2018
Massage with Erin is a magical experience! She is a true healer when it comes to muscle movement and toxic release. I always feel refreshed and revived after a session with her.
— Steven S., July 6, 2018
WOW! All i can say is WOW! After visiting drs and chiropractors with little to no success to relieve my extreme sciatic pain I went to see Dr. Erin Ward. Immediately after my first visit I was walking much better and in much less pain. After my 2nd visit my pain is almost completely gone! I will definitely be going back, Thank you Erin!!
— Trevin M., June 20, 2018
Absolutely the best in the business! Love this place and the emotional abs physical relief her treatments provide!
— Ben M., June 1, 2018
Wonderful treatment today! Great work Erin.
— Darrell H., May 17, 2018
After multiple back an neck injuries I am left with ongoing and significant pain and loss of function. I began receiving treatment from Dr Ward in October of this last year and can without any doubt state that my quality of life has been greatly improved because of that treatment. I will continue to use Dr Ward’s service and will continue to refer my friends and family to Liberated Spirit
— Aaron S., May 15, 2018
As a nervous first timer, I was very comfortable from the get go, we talked through all of my concerns before any recommendations were made. The treatment was relaxing, efficient and effective. I’ve scheduled recurring appointments now.
— Zach B., April 16, 2018
I have been visiting Erin for five years. I go for a combination of massage and acupuncture. The purpose of my visits are relaxation and general wellness. I could not be happier with the service. Erin has earned my highest recommendation.
— Erik F., April 3, 2018
Erin has helped immensely with my muscle spasms. Would definitely recommend.
— Dana H., January 16, 2018
This place is incredible. I’ve visited dozens of times over the past few years and have experienced the most effective results of any treatment I’ve ever used for my hay fever allergies and lower back pain. I’ve been able to move away from prescription allergy meds and anytime I’m suffering this is the first place I call. Dr Erin Ward legitimately cares about her patients and is extremely knowledgable in her field. I recommend her to everyone I know!
— Garrett V., December 15, 2017
Erin has been crucial to healing and keeping me healthy since elimination identified work-related stress as the culprit in a myriad of head, stomach and back problems I was experiencing over a year ago. I had come to believe I would just have to get used to discomfort and pain medication, but her help and experience has brought me back to a place where I can enjoy long walks, gardening and camping again. I highly recommend her.
— Karen O., November 16, 2017
Erin is beyond wonderful. Besides the fact that she is an amazing acupuncturist, she is kind, funny and caring. I have now brought my whole family in to see her and now we fight over who gets the next appointment. All of us have different issues whether is be pain, anxiety, sleeping or anything else and Erin can treat it all. You will never want to go anywhere else!
— Brandy K., October 25, 2017
My wife and I have been clients of Erin’s for over two years, and we couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen. Erin is very knowledgeable in so many specialty areas, and the combination of massage and acupuncture always makes us feel like new people by the time me leave an appointment. I had a chronic meniscus issue for the last 15 years known as runners knee. Erin worked on my ITB over several sessions, and my problem, which I thought was permanent, has gone away without a trace. Highly recommended!
— Andrew M., October 20, 2017
I’ve worked with Erin since 2012-during acupuncture school, during business development phases and during private treatments. At each encounter, Erin consistently delivered excellent results that produce transformations in healthcare clinical practice and business operation delivery. Erin is a high quality provider and healthcare alchemist. I’ve personally witnessed devastated patients show up for appointments without a shred of hope and after their treatment with Erin, they departed the clinic happy, healed and hopeful for the future of their health. Many providers are talented, but Erin is special because she seems to be uniquely suited for this type of deep interpersonal work. I’m my opinion, Erin’s most exceptional skill manifests itself during her Five Element and Massage Combos. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive treatment, select the ACU-Massage Combo for Mental Health.
— Nathan H., September 30, 2017
I was resigned to believe I would never sleep a night through again due to hip pain, neck pain and stress. Working with Erin has given me my life back! I am enjoying 7-8 hours of sleep a night and physically feel so much better. I just went through a very tough emotional time and developed panic attacks and anxiety. Erin’s treatments for centering and calming have worked better than any medication I have tried. She is amazing. I laughingly tell her she is better than a therapist.
Also, I LOVE that I do not have to hassle with my insurance as her office team does all of it!
I would give her 10 of 5 stars if allowed.
— Perri M., September 25, 2017
My first 5 element treatment with Erin was life changing. I felt an lasting balance and ease within that I had not had for years prior. Erin’s passion and love for patient care comes through in every treatment that she gives, and her intuitive talent has powerful healing abilities.
— Jess B., August 5, 2017
I’ve been seeing Erin consistently for over 2 years for acute issues as well as general relaxation. Erin is a gem! Her healing hands (and soul) are second to none. Truly a gift in our community. Erin has also worked on my children (who spend their days playing sports). She made them feel comfortable from the moment they walked into her office. When they have a sports injury . . . we call Erin! Luckily, Erin accepts our insurance - which has made it so much easier.
— Dena K., August 5, 2017
Erin has done wonders for me, through both acupuncture and massage, for running-related physical ailments to stress and anxiety issues. I’ve come to rely on her treatments to get me through recurring rough spots. Thanks, Erin!
— Ron J., August 5, 2017
I really dislike writing reviews.
However, Erin is fucking amazing.
I could blather on for an hour, but the short and sweet is just that. She’s amazing and will take the best care of you.
— Focus B., August 5, 2017
I’ve been an acupuncturist for over 30 years and it is absolutely wonderful to see the new generation expanding and doing more than ever with traditional Chinese medicine. Erin is an breath of fresh air, leading the field with her expertise in emotional and mental health and care through acupuncture and massage therapy. Not only is she targeting areas that we never think to treat, she is training the brain and the body to respond in a different manner than the way we have trained it to be. Overall health and wellness is the key to a long and happy life, and as long as Erin is in business - she is key in helping you discover your truest self. Highly recommend Liberated Spirit to everyone and best wishes to Erin and her new business.
— Susan K., August 5, 2017
I have been getting acupuncture for my chronic illnesses for more than a decade now and Erin is by far one of the best acupuncturists I have had the pleasure of working with.

Erin is brilliant, wise, empathetic and most of all, treats you as a partner in your health care. She remembers everything about me and my life every time I see her, is constantly working on improving her skills to better meet my needs, while providing me with valuable education about my health along the way!

She is one of my favorite needlers - unlike some people she never stabs you and she has such a calming bedside manner you hardly realize the needles are going in! I always feel like I get a free therapy session with my acupuncture session.

Her massages are OUT OF THIS WORLD. You wouldn’t expect such a small package to be so powerful but she gets deeper than anyone else and really knows how to manipulate your body to making a lasting difference. Combo acupuncture/massage is the most amazing and luxurious experience ever.

She also is an insurance expert and has really helped me to get the most out of my benefits while paying the least! She is very sensitive to budgets (I’m a poor grad student after all!) and very respectful about sensitive money issues.

I know this sounds like an infomercial but Erin has improved my life so exponentially that I cannot help but rave about her and want to share her amazingness with the world!
— Kara B., August 5, 2017
I have been seeing Erin for over a year and I can tell you that she is as good as it gets! 5 element acupuncture has changed my life. I appreciate the work that she does along with what a wonderful person that she is! new location but same great care! 5 stars, easy.
— Kara D., August 5, 2017
Erin is an amazing acupuncturist! I have been seeing her for several years! She has helped me with not only physical pain and health issues but manage the stress and emotional turmoil of a motor vehicle accident, divorce and relocation! I would not have gotten through the last few years feeling as happy and healthy as I have been without her kind, compassionate, supportive treatment.
— -Tiffany N., August 5, 2017
I don’t have a true medical need to seek out massage and acupuncture therapy from Erin, but my insurance covers a few co-pay treatments a year, so I take advantage when I can.
I’ve only seen Erin, but can I just say... I LOVE her. Her demeanor is calming and grounded, friendly and approachable—I feel she really cares a lot about her clients, her education, and the healing process. And her massages are my favorite ever. I walk away feeling oh-so relaxed, and my knots are disappearing!
— Cami W., December 23, 2016
Erin is an amazing acupuncturist and healer. Love this place and the treatments have really helped.
— Heather C., October 27, 2016
Erin Ward is a truly marvelous acupuncturist. I was reticent to receive acupuncture in the past, but Erin’s pain free needle insertion converted me. Her technical skill, professionalism and caring demeanor has made me a lifelong client.
— Kari A., May 4, 2016
Erin’s has an intuitive, extremely knowledgeable and caring touch. Plus she always makes you smile! I practice acroyoga and had a terrible back injury that debilitated me for months until I saw her. After a few treatments, I was back on my feet walking again and filled with gratitude. I refer people to Erin all the time and always know they will be in good hands!
— Simone R., May 3, 2016
I received fabulous massage and acupuncture treatments from Erin Ward just before she left to Oregon. She is a caring practitioner and listens carefully to the issues presented. I had long standing neck pain from a whiplash injury, and she was able to get it next to minimal pain within 8 treatments something medical doctors weren’t able to do except provide me with pain killers and muscle relaxants. Thank you!!
— Ansgar L., May 3, 2016
Erin Ward is truly a gifted healer and dedicated to helping people. She is driven, talented, and skillfully uses classical techniques to achieve the best results possible. I worked alongside her in Guatemala, and witnessed her help a woman from the village who was suffering from a terrible GI disease that no one knew how to treat. I’ve seen her stay with this woman for 2 hours, adeptly treating her, and by the end of the day, this woman left the clinic pain-free and smiling. Being an acupuncturist myself, I highly recommend Erin, and I’m sorry she left New York City, as I would trust her with my health any day.
— Pris C., May 3, 2016
I would like to send a message out to all about the special gifts Erin Ward has to offer! She has a wonderful and talented healing approach that puts the body and mind to ease. After just one treatment my pain started to subside. Her kind and gentle ways made me feel comfortable and prepared for a relaxing treatment and then to top off the acupuncture with a massage was absolutely a plus plus plus! She packs a lot of muscle in a small package that no one will be disappointed with! Thank you Erin! I will be back!
— Deb V., December 14, 2014
I have never understood or believed any benefits of acupuncture. After seeing the immediate results with my wife who was very sea sick, I have been sold. My wife can now look out at the ocean with me without being sick. For myself, hiding my IBS has become part of my life – since the first treatment, my usual symptoms (that I have had for my years) have greatly reduced. The results are far better and faster than any other medical treatment I have undertaken. Erin Ward: thank you and don’t stop the miracles you create.
— Carey De Laeter, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, May 13, 2014
Erin Ward has produced exceptional results for my wife suffering from bronchitis and myself suffering from hay fever and type 1 bi-polar. She has superior skills when dealing with her clients using her personality which we found refreshing and confident. Her calming demeanor left us feeling stress free after each visit.
— Deborah and Alfred Littman, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, May 12, 2014
After attending Erin Ward’s lecture on acupuncture, we booked in for a course of 5 sessions. Erin treated a variety of medical conditions and kept us feeling well as our regular physicians were not available to us at sea. Erin successfully helped with digestive problems caused by medications, muscular, join and organ function and breathing problems due to a lung disorder. She maintained our well-being while on vacation. Erin has a gentle nature, kind touch and beautiful disposition. She exudes warmth and caring, and is truly a wonderful holistic healer. We wish her well in her future endeavors and it is Princess’ loss with the end of her contract.
— Susan Raymond and Ian Lacey, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, May 10, 2014
I have rheumatoid arthritis and was recovering from a recent flare with burning in the neck/shoulder area and peripherals. My expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised after my 1st session with Erin as the peripheral burning dissipated. Erin is a gentle and nurturing person who creates a relaxed environment while turning you into a pincushion. 2nd session results were stunning as my neck and shoulder muscles completely relaxed and my energy levels noticeable increased. Session 3 has had a calming effect and I will pursue further treatments back on shore. I recommend future travelers have a go at acupuncture for the experience and potential outcomes and. If you are lucky enough to have Erin with her gentle reassuring approach, then you will have a complete and wonderful outcome.
— William Brown, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, March 12, 2014
Erin is my angel on earth. This young lady has changed my life and way of thinking about chronic pain. She is a pure delight and if you have been wanting to “try” acupuncture because it seems like all else has failed, Erin is the one who will take the time to listen to you and explain what she may be able to help you with – not just body but mind. I will miss you Erin, and a huge “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart.
— Kym Fluggn, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, February 26, 2014
Congratulations Erin Ward for your outstanding treatment of my long suffering chronic sinus problem. I will look forward to the “moxa pole” cigar fire. My left shoulder pain has completely gone after months of nighttime one side laying pain. Your professional care over five treatments was first class. You are a credit to yourself and your profession. Once again, congratulations and thank you.
— Graham Simpson, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, February 16, 2014
I have been suffering from severe shoulder pain, herniated discs in my lower back resulting in fairly acute sciatica and a painful spur in my foot which considerably impeded walking. My wife read the testimonials in the lounge and persuaded me to make an appointment with Erin. I have always been skeptical of acupuncture but agreed to give it a go. The results have been amazing – I no longer have any pain from the spur and my shoulder and sciatic pain are greatly reduced. I have been very impressed not only with Erin’s treatment, but also her caring and professional manner. I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture to anyone in pain and I can’t thank Erin enough.
— T. (Frank) Hayes, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, January 21, 2014
My two recent sessions of acupuncture with Erin not only increased my knowledge, but also my belief in eastern medicine. Erin has a very personal approach that makes you immediately feel like more of an old and valued friend than just a client. Erin has the ability to explain both why and what she is doing in a manner that allows you to understand and also believe in what she is doing. Most importantly, Erin *listens*
— Kevin Dennis, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, January 21, 2014
Thank you Erin!! My acupuncture experience was amazing – I feel so refreshed and confident that my treatments have taken all stress away. Your bubbly, lovely personality makes everyone at ease. I look forward to our chats and relaxation of the treatment every day. Thank you – again.
— Shelley Bail, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, January 7, 2014
I had been to a chiro for neck and shoulder pain and had six treatments over 4 weeks. I came on the cruise unable to sit/stand or be active at all and was on painkillers almost the whole time until I attended a [acupuncture] seminar and took up a treatment. The results were immediate, and in fact the night after treatment I was able to sleep pain free for the first time in five weeks without any medication. I attended another session for more acupuncture the next day and I have to say my whole wellness was more improved after even 30 minutes of Erin’s treatment… I am amazed at the positive results. I was on Naprogesic, Panadol Night, Panadol Osteo, Ibuprofen and a cocktail of tablets. I am now not on any pain relievers. I was in that much pain I was walking around in circles unable to even think straight. I am now one happy person having found this path to a new me. Thank you Erin.
— Michael Caris, Sydney, Australia, January 7, 2014
I have seen about 4 or 5 different acupuncturists in the past to deal with my right thumb and arm tendonitis – and I have to say that Erin Ward is absolutely THE BEST!! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely gentle, caring and compassionate, and she puts you at ease right from the start. Her knowledge of TCM, herbs, organ systems, etc. is impressive, and her intuition about the body and its needs is extraordinary. I have had significant reduction in my tendonitis symptoms since beginning treatment with Erin. All I can say is Erin – thank you, thank you, thank you!!
— Jane Milliken, Vancouver, Canada, January 7, 2014
I never have time for acupuncture whilst home, too busy working and living. However, after attending the acupuncture presentation on day 1 of the cruise, I jumped at the opportunity to sign on for a series of 5 treatments. I had a range of ailments from a very painful back and shoulder to some chronic lifestyle diseases [high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes]. I can honestly say Erin Ward was a real blessing and the results were (are) amazing. I haven’t felt this good for years, and I know this is a direct result of Erin’s skill as an acupuncturist. My wife and I are going to continue with acupuncture treatments upon our return from this holiday, which has been a lifestyle changer for us both. I can and do strongly recommend Erin and acupuncture, and who knows it could be a lifestyle changer for you too. Thank you Erin.
— Larry Clifford, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, January 6, 2014
I have had sore knees for years. Degenerative they said; nothing they can do they said. My 4th day into the cruise I was in excruciating pain. Even getting up from sitting was too hard – forget the steps! I went to one of Erin’s seminars on acupuncture – although I was a complete skeptic I was willing to try anything. On the first go, I was amazed, delighted and almost tearful with gratitude. I signed up for three sessions. By the third session, I have no knee pain and was even forgetting to take the lifts! I could even do Zumba! I will now be using acupuncture for the rest of my life. I am quite excited about trying it for other ailments. From a complete non-believer to embracing acupuncture! Wow. Wish I had discovered this a long time ago. Thank you Erin!
— Debra Chase, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, December 27, 2013
After listening to a very interesting on board talk by acupuncturist Erin Ward, I decided to seek her help in treating a number of problems I suffered from: namely – stress and depression, spur in left foot and low back pain. After the first treatment, the results were remarkable. I felt less stressed, I could touch my toes for the first time in an extremely long time and I started power walking around the deck daily without any pain in my foot. I continued the treatments for the duration of the [2 week] cruise and the results were dramatic. Thank you Erin, you have opened up a new life for me.
— Perry Potter, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, December 17, 2013
Wow!! Erin is awesome!! I want to take her home with me… Please?!? I had a series of 10 sessions with Erin for headaches/migraines, neck and shoulder pain, RLS, weight loss and stress. Her skills, gentleness and super great advice has most definitely put me on the right path and has eased and improved my knowledge about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I feel so much better, more relaxed, eased pain and sleeping way heavier. Thank you beautiful Erin. I feel like you have kick started a new lease on life!!
— M. Gibbon, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, December 16, 2013
I had decided after 30+ years of back pain that I would take the opportunity of giving acupuncture a try. I was apprehensive but being greeted by Erin, who, with her kind and caring manner quickly put me at ease. I have just completed my fifth treatment and am amazed at the results. The pain in my back is 95% better than it was, which is just a wonderful improvement. I highly recommend Erin for her kindness, thoughtfulness and ability of being able to explain the treatment. I just wish she lived in Brisbane. Thank you Erin
— Annette Hilton, Brisbane, Australia, December 9, 2013
After only two treatments the [leg] pain I’ve experienced for six months has been significantly reduced. I have been able to walk around and enjoy the cruise so much more. I wish the cruise was longer so I could have accessed this wonderful service again. Erin truly is a miracle worker.
— Roz Making, Sea Princess Cruise Ship, October 13, 2013